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atlanta basement and flooring references

finished basements company references: atlanta


When finishing your basement it is important to know whether the company you are considering has a track record of actually finishing the basement. Basement finishing projects don't always go perfectly, but  when a customer is willing to allow a company to place them on a reference list and take "after" photos of the finished basement this is a good indication the basement finishing project was successfully completed. 

A finished basement can be a rewarding experience. Progressive Construction and Flooring Services has always tried to provide Atlanta residents with the utmost in customer service and care. We have compiled a few words from a few of the valuable customers who have helped make Progressive Construction and Flooring one of Atlanta's Premier basement builders.

The following references were compiled from the unbiased website which encourages customers to comment on it's member's work (good or bad).

Every Customer who receives a free estimate will also receive atleast 3 pages of references with the name, number, and contact information of some of our previous customers.

1. We had Progressive install carpet in the basement of our home. They were on professional, on budget, and on schedule. Wish they could have also finished the basement after reading all the testimonials.
Marietta, GA

2. Progressive installed carpet in our new home. Though the project manager brought out dozens of samples, we were unable to make a choice. Our Progressive representative then arranged for us to view samples at the manufacturers warehouse. We were able to see every possible carpet available from Mohawk. We chose a carpet, received an excellent price, and had it installed on the exact day we chose. Progressive gets "A's" across the board from us.
Smyrna, GA
3. Progressive recently installed hardwood in our living room, kitchen and foyer. They also replaced our steps with oak and stained them to match the prefinished wood. This project turned out absolutely perfect. From day one until this project was complete, Progressive did an outstanding job. I would definately recommend this company again.
Smyrna, GA
4. Progressive recently painted the interior of my home. I originally contacted them to finish my basement, and they've been in my life ever since. They are the first company I call when I need home improvement. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone who wants quality and customer service at a reasonable price. You truly get what you pay for with Progressive.
Stone Mountain, GA
5. We recently (May 2005) had our basement completed by Progressive Construction and Flooring. Not only was the project completed on time and on budget, this company made this a SEAMLESS turn key project. Great communication, the greatest project coordinator, and the greatest remodeling experience for my wife and myself. I would recommend Progressive anytime to anyone.
Powder Springs, GA
6. We recently had Progressive totally finish our basement. From day one the design department laid out a picture perfect plan for completing our project. We got exactly what we wanted for the amount of money initially quoted. Progressive employs a project manager that is on call for what seems like 24 hours a day. I had my basement completed while I was in Iraq. A company that can finish a basement while you are in another country is a great company in my book. I'll always recommend this company when someone needs a remodel.
McDonough, GA
7. Progressive finished my basement in 2003. Rodney was my project manager also. I jumped at the chance to let the world wide web know just how much I appreciated and still appreciate his diligence and customer service during and after my remodeling project. They are the first company I call when I need something "home improvement." I have recommended Progressive in the past and will continue to recommend them in the future.
Buckhead, GA
8. We had Progressive open up a wall, install trim, build a closet, and install carpet (1/19/04). Not only did they do a great job, they also were on budget and on time. I would recommend them to anyone. Outstanding customer service.
Mableton, GA
9. Progressive finished my basement and installed flooring. They did an excellent job and I would readily recommend them to others. They were on time, on budget, and provided a quality remodel.
Lawrenceville, GA
10. Progressive installed hardwood in my dining room. The price was unmatched and the installation seamless. I will not only recommend this company again, I will be using them for another project.
Atlanta, GA
11. Progressive installed carpet and pad for us. Not only was the price great, Rodney was knowledgeable in the layout and kept us from purchasing too much or too little carpet. Installation was great. We've already passed Progressive's name on and will continue to do so.
McDonough, GA
12. This was a great carpet install at a great price. The only issue I had was that the installer worked alone and took a long time doing the project (12 hours). I will say this...the project turned out absolutely perfect. No complaints. I would recommend this company again.
Marietta, GA
13. A project manager is a wonderful thing. Rodney (Our Project Manager) made sure this basement finishing project was finished to our liking. He even framed a wall or two himself. Though the remodel went long, our main concern was quality of the finished project. Progressive finished our basement and as long as Rodney is a part of the team, we will recommend them to our friends.
Mableton, GA
14. If anyone has ever had a major remodel, then they know the process can be overwhelming. Progressive and our project manager (Rodney) stayed until the project was Finished to make sure we were satisfied. We have and will continue to recommend them to others.
Marietta, GA

15. Though we had minimal bumps, our project manager jumped through hoops to ensure we were ultimately satisfied. We'd recommend Progressive to other people in a heartbeat.
Snellville, GA

16. We just had our basement finished by Progressive. What I found to be most interesting is that our Project Manager had working knowledge of the basement finishing process...He was not just some sales associate. I was surprised to find that he installed the crown molding, all of our trim, the bar and the doors...including a custom french door. They were not only on budget but the workmanship was excellent. We would recommend Progressive Construction and Flooring everytime our friends or family are interested in remodeling. Snellville, GA